Maui Filipinos who made a difference #Mauifilam

In case you missed it, the historical display at the Maui FilAm Heritage Festival Oct. 12, 2013 featured 20 Maui Filipinos who made a difference. This year, the Maui Filipino Chamber of Commerce Foundation decided to give a preview of the Maui FilAm history by telling the stories of these outstanding people.

There were a lot more names to be considered, but nobody said the Chamber is stopping at 20. Feel free to comment and leave names below on who you think should be in the next round.

These images were displayed on 20×30 boards last festival. They were put together by Senator Gil Keith-Agaran (who is also included in the display), Melen Agcolicol of Copy Services, Alvin Santander and myself. Special thanks to Manong Leo Agcolicol (another featured individual), Atty. Ben Acob and my hapun assistant Deron Furukawa for helping put them up.

Here are the images – in no particular order. Please enjoy!

OK Suguitan

REVIEW Leo Agcolicol



OK Vince Bagoyo

OK Simeon

OK sevilla

OK Capili

OK domingo

OK KeithAgaran

OK Menor

OK Ragasa

OK Romero

OK Rosario

OK Cabanilla

OK Baloaloa

OK Balangitao

OK Acoba

OK - Caldito

Judge Baxa