How to consume inter-island drinks from Hawaiian Airlines

August 26, 2013

Frequent flyer or not, you’ll encounter these cups from Hawaiian Airlines when you travel inter-island. You’ll have a choice of water or POG (passion-orange-guava).

Now, if you just doze off like me, then all you need to worry about is looking ‘fine’ when the flight attendant passes by. Fine i.e. you have your sunglasses on, mouth not open, and not snore. But recently, traveling has been quite hectic – like arriving at the gate one minute after plane left – and this in-flight treat just let you catch your breath and enjoy 20 minutes of just sitting down until you find yourself on the go again.

Anyway, let’s get on with – darn too much introduction.

On the occasion that you find yourself holding one of the POG cups, you’ll be obliged to peel off the top foil cover. That’s what the instruction says, anyway. Problem with that is, the potential to spill is greater. I know there’s not much content in there, but imagine if you have kids or you’re busy reading the magazine or you only have one hand…

How to drink HI Air POG

Using your sharp or not-so-sharp nail, poke a hole on one side. You’ll be able to suck the liquid out of the thing. Problem is, you’ll need another hole – anywhere – somewhere other than the existing hole – to let the pressure out while you suck the liquid out.

One sip and you’re done. It’s just more fun. Try it next time.