Healthy pets run to raise funds for food bank

Members of Pooch Fit Club – yes, our cute pet doggies – will have a benefit run to raise funds for the Maui Food Bank. The dogs won’t even know it, but this campaign will help the community fight hunger while the canines take control of their health. What a great way to kick-off the Thanksgiving season!


On Nov. 16 and 17, the pooch members will follow a strict workout timeline and aim to cover a total of 26 miles combined – a marathon distance. The community is invited to donate $1 per mile covered by sending checks payable to the Maui Food Bank to Pooch Fit, P.O. Box 880858, Pukalani, HI 96788.

Some dog owners in the Pooch Fit Facebook page have already pledged amounts – $26, $52, etc – showing total confidence in their best friends.

Pack leader and owner Dustin Metzler, started Pooch Fit Aug. 2012, fulfilling a dream of combing two things that he loves – fitness and pets. He would come to pick up his clients and take them on a whole new different level of “walking the dog.”

Here’s a video from Pooch Fit’s Facebook page – this client just can’t wait to go!


There are professional dog-walkers in hustle-bustle cities where owners just don’t have the luxury of time to let their dogs BE dogs. To me, dogs should be outdoors running around, slobbering, getting dirty and they should be making use of their natural animal instincts. Yes, some dogs probably prefer to be indoors or in purses, but MOST breeds deserve to know the difference between grass, sand, mud, concrete and wood. Caged dogs and dogs constricted of movement are just… sad.

Love your dog but got no time to walk with your dog? That’s where Dustin comes in.

Dustin is a marathon runner and fitness buff. His wife Stephanie is also a runner, a swimmer and a colleague 2nd dan black belt in Maui Karate Association.

From the Pooch Fit website, Dustin shares where the inspiration came from:

The inspiration came to me on an early August morning in 2012. I was training for the Maui Marathon, and would often run by upcountry homes with dogs in their backyard. I knew many of them wanted to break free and enjoy some time exercising and exploring.

I’ve always liked dogs, and wanted to figure out a way to give them their freedom, and at the same time create a business from it. Out of nowhere, the name “Pooch Fit” came to mind. As soon as the inspiration hit me, I knew without a doubt that it would work.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Here’s a screenshot of some members of the Pooch Fit Club from their website – just adorable!!! Dogs that interact with other dogs are healthier and happier dogs!

131104 pooch fit

And yes folks – these pups are raising funds to fight hunger! Please donate $26, $52… or any amount to cheer them on! Besides, HOW can you resist?

All funds raised will be donated! Woof woof!

Cover FB page


Lastly, let me share one of my favorite photos from Pooch Fit’s Facebook Page.

131104 cat fit


If I can be paid to ‘play with cats’ and feed their ego, I think Meow Fit would work!!

Umm… NO.