With much love and aloha

August 25, 2013

I turned 28 this month. That’s 4 cat years already.

Anyway, I told myself ‘it’s never too late at tweny-eight,’ and so I’m bringing back my blog – Getting There.

I was a faithful blogger back in college (it was blogspot before they switched to blogger) and I wrote about everything. I remember LiveJournal too and those fun avatars. And who can forget Friendster and Multiply? For some reason I wasn’t as active in MySpace but I remember ‘friending’ some really weird people there.

Anyway, I’ve grown a lot. Re-read some of my blog posts – 2005 era – and it’s like I’m meeting this old friend – a young, bubbly, chatty, no-think-just-write girl who took pictures with a crappy Nokia 6170 (and had patience to download photos via usb, edit them into a collage, then upload on photobucket). But that girl? A few inches off and she’s still me!

Ok, maybe not just a few inches.

Welcome, family and friends. I’m happy to be back!


I’ll write again, starting now. Brace yourselves!