Feeling like a Top Chef myself at Honu fundraiser with Chef Sheldon Simeon

August 28, 2013

with Chefs and team

That’s right, I was fortunate to have devoured an exclusive set course prepared by Top Chef Sheldon Simeon (@chefwonder) and Chef Mark Ellman, owner and executive chef of Honu and Mala Restaurants in Lahaina.

The fundraiser was a benefit for Punana Leo O Maui, a Hawaiian immersion preschool dedicated to family-based programming where the entire ohana, makua and keiki, are immersed in the Hawaiian language and culture; and

for the Lahaina skate park – a project that Chef Mark Ellman is very passionate about.

Well, it appeared that the restaurant was non-stop busy tonight so I’d like to extend my Congratulations to the chefs!!!

So moving on, let’s talk about the food.

The menu was signed by Chef Sheldon – and if I didn’t catch on quickly, it just looked like someone was checking whether a sharpie still had ink!

Cocktails – we had drinks. I mean, we had drinks. It was awesome.

The whole course was Filipino-inspired so the starting with the drinks, we had

  • Palawan Press – Muddled thai basil, orange and lime juice with agave nectar and Absolut Hibiscus vodka
  • Manila Smash – watermelon muddled with lime sour and agave nectar, St. Germaine and Sauza Tequila Blanco
  • Pacquiao’s Punch – Ten cane rum, lemon, guava and pineapple juice with soda H2o, housemade ginger syrup
  • Lime in the Coconut – (I didn’t get to try this), The real Daiquiri, Old lahaina run, Fresh lime, agave nectar and coconut H2o.

And going over the course really fast –

Starters: rice cracker (kamaboko, soubise, chive), Brie cheese Inari, RADISH. yes, RADISH with toasted rice, shrimp paste – I’ve NEVER had anything like it.


Tasting Menu includes: Kauai prawns, hurricane popcorn, kampachi and roasted-awesome- pork belly. Of course it’s not just what it seems – there were ingredients like kochujang and veloute. Umm… yeah, sumtn’ li’dat.

Our dessert was coconut mousse with calamansi curd with malasada and mango lemon verbena sauce.


Now, if you know me, I eat anything and everything and most of the time don’t really care about the process of food-making, but I give a damn about the presentation. And taste of course, yeah, that would be the whole point – taste.

Honu and Mala Ocean Tavern have world-class food and it’s always a good time dining out that area with the sunset. All the best, Chef Ellman!