2013 JKA Hawaii Fall Tournament

August 30, 2013

It’s that time of the year again. September 21-22 weekend will be dedicated to my art of choice: shotokan karate. This will be the 8th tournament that we’re putting together and year after year it gets better and better.

2013 Fall Tournament

I think I can fairly say I’ve had some competitive years behind me, battle scars, strict training and diet. Boy, I was so in shape then it’s like a dream (that’s never going to happen again.)

But what joy it is to teach! I get a rush when I know I can help them improve and see actual results. Some of our kids were so bad when they started – couldn’t even reach their toes, couldn’t jump a foot in the air! I feel I’m helping them have the childhood experience all kids deserve to have.

I look at our kids now and boy, they have improved tremendously. You put your faith in a learning mind and wonders will happen.
Outdoor training
Anyway, the public welcome to watch the tournament. There are no entrance fees for the audience. Bring your kids and though these tournaments last a whole day, they can be pretty cool. I’ll be behind the mic to let everyone know what’s going on.

Maui Karate Association puts tournaments Maui-style, of course. To me, it’s not really a tournament, it’s an aloha get-together. It should be renamed to Aloha Karate Tournament or something.

Last year, we had a buffet lunch for the participants courtesy of Maui Culinary Academy led by Catering Supervisor Chef Kristin Dougherty. She even prepared a black belt cake!

Black belt cake

A day before the tournament, all participants from various clubs get to know each other in joint training and a pot-luck fellowship dinner is held at the Hawaii Nature Center where kids and families can stay overnight.

Bonfire at Hawaii Nature Center

Bonfire. smores. stories. Deron and I become instant parents.

Well, as for me, it’s a lifelong quest for personal development so dreams of going up the ranks are still there. It’s just goddarn difficult when you’re in the middle of the Pacific to get to our HQ which is based in New York. It’s actually closer I think if we go Japan. But anyway, I still have some years – maybe someday. Maybe someday.

Slash the ‘maybe.’