11 Chefs, 1 night: Kain na! Kokua for the Philippines

Updated poster_Kainna

If you’re not going to this event, one thing’s for sure: you’ll miss out.

The Oct. 15 earthquake that struck Central Philippines left over 200 casualties and 340,000 displaced. Maui’s community of devoted chefs and friends gather for one night to raise funds for the  American Red Cross-Philippine Earthquake fund.

Seats are limited so reserve your tickets now! Call Sharon Zalsos at 808.359.1616 or e-mail sharonzm@yahoo.com for your minimum donation of $50.

In the words of awesome Chef Jake Belmonte of Maui Culinary Academy on how this came about:

It was a hot and muggy Lahaina afternoon during the opening night of Plantation Days 2013, one week after the successful Maui Filipino Heritage Festival that gathered 6,000+ attendees.

A Philippine Flag was being dropped off as a booth decor commemorating the Filipinos that worked during the Plantation era. This was when Chef Jojo Vasquez approached me with his vision…..and all I said was “Sure!

Eliza Escano Vasquez, Chef Vasquez’s beautiful wife heard about the sad news and convinced him to ask is peers to come together and consider a benefit for the victims of the earthquake.

It didn’t take much convincing and soon, everyone was gathered at their home and plans were made.

The Chefs intend to showcase the Filipino bayanihan spirit – an image of the community carrying a house, an image of a community helping each other in time of need.

The event will showcase all-Filipino Chefs from distinguished establishments. Food prepared will all be Filipino-inspired and will surely showcase the Chef’s interpretations and creativity.

Lucky you reading this – some ‘plans’ were shared with me: binagoongan salmon, pusit guisado, made-to-order prawn crepes, pato (duck) sisig with fiery chili/adobo duck sonota, and kare-kare meatballs.

(salivate salivate)

I learned that there will also be a halo-halo bar with various dessert choices like white chocolate banana crêpe with ice cream and cassava cake.

While we all plan how hungry we will be for that evening, please remember that families displaced from the earthquake need a helping hand to get themselves back on their feet.

Here are some photos online:


The organizers partnered with American Red Cross to deliver funds raised.

The star for this event is you. Donate what you can and let me tell you, there is nothing else you can compare with the satisfaction of giving back.

Give back and everything else will be feel much better.

Besides, aren’t you curious what kare-kare meatballs would taste like?!

Here’s a flyer version of the poster I made:


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